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Direct message or ping an available Moderator if you experience or witness inappropriate content or behavior. You may mention the @Online Staff role for activity in channels that requires immediate moderation

🤝 Treat everyone with respect.

    Support a welcoming and inclusive community. Don't engage in behavior or post content that promotes hate speech, violence, bullying, harassment, or threats.


    🔤 Use English only.

    Communicate in English, but be considerate of all languages.


    💬 Share appropriate content.

    Post content that is family-friendly and encourages positive discussion. Don't post political, religious, shocking, sexual, malicious, pirated, or illegal content.


    ⌨️ Practice online etiquette.

    Contribute to discussion in a constructive way, and in the relevant language and channels. Don't post disruptive or excessive messages, images, formatting, emoji, or @mentions.


    👤Present a friendly profile.

    Use an appropriate status, avatar, and typeable name. Don't impersonate others or use special characters.


    🛡Stay safe online.

    Protect your privacy and the privacy of others. Don't share or ask for personal information such as full names, ages, addresses, or account credentials.


    📢Refrain from advertising.

    Don't direct message or post unsolicited content that promotes social media, servers, communities, goods, and services.


    🔔Listen to our staff.

    Attempting to bypass punishments or staff verdicts is not allowed. Keep staffing complaints or worries in ModMail.


    🧠Use common sense.

    Think twice before you press send—these rules are not comprehensive and using loopholes or other gimmicks to violate the ideas of these rules hold is subject to punishment.


    📜Follow the Discord Terms of Service at all times.

    Fruit Salad is in full compliance with the Discord Community Guidelines and follows all protocols set by Discord.