Fruit Salad is home to many colorful roles, some of which are obtainable by anyone, and some of which are exclusive to a few! Down below is a overview of what a role is, and what it does!

Level Roles

@Fresh Fruit

Level 1.

Perks: Ability to create a clan.

@Sweet Fruit

Level 5.

Perks:  Can post images in #media and use external emotes.

@Natural Fruit

Level 15.

Perks: Can embed links in #media, change their own nickname and add reactions in #general.

@Seasonal Fruit

Level 25.

Perks: N/A

@Wild Fruit

Level 50.

Perks: N/A

@Exotic Fruit

Level 75.

Perks: N/A

@Golden Fruit

Level 100.

Perks: N/A

@Forbidden Fruit

Level 115.

Perks: N/A

@Mythical Fruit

Level 125.

Perks: N/A

@Ancient Fruit

Level 150.

Perks: N/A

Special Roles


Creators of art related to the server.


Music performers in our voice channels, also the Rythm DJ role.

@Welcoming Fruit

Frequently welcoming to newly joined people.

@Friendly Fruit

Helpful, active and engaging people.

@Early Supporter

Members who were part of the first server.

@Vegetable Hunter

Catchers of at least 3 verified rulebreakers.

@Youtube Supporter

Subscribers to Jimboo’s YouTube channel.

@Fishy Army

Supporters of Tiko and his YouTube channel. Type /tiko.

@Banana Army

Supporters of the Banana-Fishy alliance. Type /banana.

Premium Roles

@Super Donator

Members who have donated worth over $20.


Members who have donated worth $1-19.

@Fruit of the Day

Randomly selected and featured active members of the day.

@Birthday Fruit

Collect this role during your birthday. It lasts for a day.

@Nitro Booster

Active boosters of the community.

@Staff of the Month

The featured staff member of the current month.

@Fruit of the Month

The featured member of the current month.

 Staff Roles

@Trainee Moderator

On-training staff members prior to being chosen or accepted via forms.

@Server Developer

Contributors to the server in other ways such as website hosting, bot management and much more.


Defenders of the community against vegetables.

@Head Moderator

Veteran defenders of the community against vegetables.

@Server Admin/@Community Manager

Managers of the important logistics of the server, they deal with the overall guild management.

 Other Roles

@Party Host

Given to staff members who regularly host party games.


A temporary role which allows members to access #party-room.


Vegetable. Rulebreakers are given this, which blacklist them from all channels.




Custom Roles

Donators/Nitro Boosters can have a role with a name and color of their choice.

Super Custom Roles

Same as above, but their custom role's color overrides their fruit role’s.

Bot Categories

Sections of bots that vary from utility, mod, economy, fun and music.

Fruit Roles

Check out the upcoming blog for Fruit Roles!