Fruit Salad is the home for food lovers with a passion for gaming and music to come together and talk on Discord. It is a great space to talk about delicious food, play games together and tune in to music jams. It was originally created on May 28, 2018 as a better way for a small handful of mutual friends who knew each other to get together, away from the Brokenlens Network. Years passed and it eventually grew into a worldwide community aimed to be a server for everyone, a hangout place and a diverse community, while offering fun bots, events, giveaways, emotes, and much more.

Fruit Salad is a public community server that has a sense of commitment and responsibility when keeping the community well-moderated and highly engaged in. The server is kept welcoming and encourages positive discussions, making it a great place where users feel comfortable to talk and hang out in. It has been enjoying growth for three continuous years while maintaining its original purpose: to bring people closer together with nothing but a mix of chaotic fun and randomness.

Welcome to the largest food server on Discord! It's your place to talk, yummy yummy.