What are "Clans"?

Clans are organized groups of members that have something in common and regularly chat together on the server, sort of like never-ending parties. They can range from a few friends up to 60 members. Anyone can join one!

• Create your own clan!

Ever wanted to establish a secret cult, fishy squad, or a gamer group? Just do /clan create (name). You need to be Level 15+ to do this.

• Join numerous clans!

Chat together with your friends to earn clan points to upgrade your clan and get sweet perks. For example, you can do /clan join FishyArmy.

• Challenge others!

 Defend your place on the leaderboard with your clanmates! Expand and represent your clan. Do /clan list to see all clans available.

• Manage your in-server friends with the /friend add and /friend remove. Also, check your /profile and set your own /bio!